Hope and Magic

The voice in my chest, deep beneath my flesh in the dark regions where the magic lies,

Tells me that the only irrevocable act here is death. From there there can be no tomorrow.

Yet from where I stand, it says, the world unfolds beneath my feet. Slowly, petal-slow, one at a time. Continue reading


On being ready

Doing things has never been my forte.

Take this blog, for instance – I made it four years ago, but only started posting a few weeks ago!

As a perfectionist of the ‘crippled-by-what-ifs’ variety, I rarely attempt anything new voluntarily, unless I have some small guarantee that I will actually be able to do it. Reasonably well. On the first attempt. As you may have guessed, this precludes a great many new experiences!

This being said, I am heading overseas in April. By myself. Continue reading