Pleased to meet you!

Hi there! Welcome to my blog!

I’ve always wanted to write things. I think that, all this time, I’ve been waiting to be very good at it before I actually attempted it. So, seeing the flaw in this plan, I’ve decided to begin in earnest. I have also accepted that I may never really be any good at it; far from being discouraging, this thought has opened the door for the whole experience to be quite a lot of fun!

I plan to write poetry (or try to!), to tell you my story, and to write how I feel about things that are important to me. Being a work in progress, I haven’t quite finalised the list yet – but I hope that as I go along, I manage to find things that are important to you too. Wouldn’t that be nice!

I hope you find something you like, imaginary reader. And if not, I’m just sending out a great big thank you to the world and the quiet around me, for the opportunity to write some words at last. Thank you, lovely void! And lucky, lucky me 🙂

Much love,