Guest Post: Rainbow, by Pinky

You came with the rainbow.
An upside down smile.
You stayed to comfort me.
For a while.

It rained long.
It rained hard.
But you stopped it with a rainbow.
You were my guard.

I was chasing you.
What will I find at the rainbow’s end?
And I grew tired, weak, frustrated…
Will there even be an end?

You were in control now.
Black rainbows everywhere I looked.
And oh, you knew when to visit!
You could read me like an open book.

I tried to cut you out.
Afraid to try everything I could.
But there was no escape from you…
You controlled my mood.

But then! a moment of clarity
(And I knew it was true).
For I am me, and you are me!
And I will banish you!

You didn’t come with the rainbow.
You are the devil in disguise.
I am confident and strong now.
I can see the clear blue skies.

There is a mirror of truth,
That much I do know,
Let my happiness shine and reach it
For that, is the real rainbow.


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